Cute Shih-tzu puppies will be available soon!
Dont hesitate to contact us for details.



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The puppies are trained since birth to interact and play with humans and receive caresse and touch.Coming the proper time, they also get used to cleanness, cars and a bit of walk in leash, all this with a lot of love!


puppy school

The puppies don't leave the house before 12 weeks, this way they learn to socialise with other dogs. All my puppies have a SCS pedigree and are vaccinated, vermifuged and possess a microchip implant.




I regularly take my puppies to the SCS puppy school to develop their social behaviour and interaction with other dogs, humans and environment. I strongly suggest these courses to my clients because they are greatly rewarding in adding to your knowledge and experience about living with your dog as well as for their training.






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